Parking Application

The A-lot parking application is available for Seniors and Juniors to apply. Please use the jump code GHRX or the link below to fill out the application.

Incoming Seniors are given priority for A-lot parking. Incoming Juniors are welcome to complete the application and will be considered if extra spots are available (selection is by random draw). Once all past fees/fines are paid (decals will NOT be issued to students who have fines) applications will be reviewed and if a spot is available for approved students, the $5 fee will be added to Synergy account. Payments can be made via debit/credit card through ParentVue/StudentVue or with cash or check in the main office. Stickers are not guaranteed to seniors if you miss the deadline.

Decals will be distributed at LSE Knight Readiness Days. Students parking in A-lot without a decal will receive a written warning on the first violation. This written notice will serve as the only warning to the vehicle’s driver. On a 2nd violation, the violating vehicle will be towed from the LSE parking lot at vehicle owner’s expense. C-lot parking off of 40th St. is available for students without a decal. A-Lot parking privileges may be revoked due to excessive tardies and truancies.


At Lincoln Southeast High School, our number one goal is to provide a safe, orderly and positive parking experience for all of our students. A few general reminders for all parking lots at LSE are:

  1. Drive at a slow rate of speed.
  2. Be mindful of pedestrians walking through parking lots.
  3. Obey all posted signage.
  4. Only right-hand turns are permitted when exiting our student A Lot and C Lot.
  5. No student drop-off or pickup in the Staff Lot.
  6. Do not park in non-designated parking areas.
  7. Parking stickers are to be placed in the front windshield on the driver’s side.

Seniors park in the lot north and east of the North Gym, called A Lot. If room allows, there may be a drawing for random juniors to receive a parking decal for A Lot. Parking decals will allow Seniors (and random Juniors) to park in A Lot on a first come, first serve basis. Recipients must correctly display their parking decal in the front window. There is a $5 charge for the decal at the time they are distributed. If a student loses their decal or has a new vehicle, they must come to the office to receive a replacement. Remember, if you are driving a different vehicle temporarily, you must sign in each day at Door 18. Failure to do so will make you responsible for the ticket.

Parking applications are completed in the spring of a student’s junior year of high school to prepare for their senior year. Decals will be distributed to students during Knight Readiness Days. Students will not be allowed to purchase a parking decal until they have paid all fines on their Synergy profile. Leading up to a student’s senior year, if they have earned 3 or more parking violations on LSE property, they may lose their ability to earn an A Lot parking pass during their senior year.

Any serious infringement of the parking rules could lead to the loss of parking privileges. All cars must be parked in one space and no parking is allowed on the grass or on the end of rows. If an accident happens in the school parking lot, please report it immediately to the office.

Effective January 2019 – Consequences for violating the LSE parking policies

  1. On a 1st violation, a written warning will be placed under the windshield wiper of the vehicle in violation. This written notice will serve as the only warning to the vehicle’s driver. The vehicle license plate # will be recorded in the LSE Main Office. Unfortunately, we will have no other ability to notify the owner of the vehicle in violation, because we can no longer look up the owner information of a vehicle.
  2. On a 2nd violation, the violating vehicle will be towed from the LSE parking lot, at vehicle owner’s expense.

Please contact Capital Towing, 402-475-7676, for information regarding towed vehicles.

The cost to retrieve a vehicle from the impound lot at Capital Towing ranges from $110 to $140. While towing is not our first choice, it has become necessary to help ensure a safe, orderly and fair parking environment for our students and staff.

The parking lot along 40th Street, C Lot, is first come first serve and open to all LSE students. While a permit is not required to park in C Lot, there is posted signage informing students to park in designated stalls only. As with our A Lot policy, a 2nd violation in C Lot will also result in vehicle being towed at owner’s expense.

General Reminders for C Lot

  • Park in designated stalls only
  • No parking at the ends of rows
  • Right hand turn only when exiting the lot
  • No parking in yellow, diagonal line areas
  • No parking along the red emergency curb
  • No parking on the grass

In addition, there is limited parking available on Sheridan Blvd., Van Dorn, and on a few of the neighborhood streets. It is important to follow the directions of the posted street signs because parking is restricted in many areas.