DECA Coach:
Jessi Christensen

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. 

DECA’s eight guiding principles are organized around the organization’s emblem, the DECA Diamond.  The inner four points of the DECA Diamond represent the guiding principles which address the purpose of DECA’s comprehensive learning program:

  • Integrates into Classroom Instruction
  • Applies Learning
  • Connects to Business
  • Promotes Competition

The outer four points of the DECA Diamond address the results of DECA’s comprehensive learning program.  DECA prepares the next generation to be:

  • Academically Prepared
  • Community Oriented
  • Professionally Responsible
  • Experienced Leaders

DECA Activities

Local Chapters

Local DECA chapters are co-curricular. Activities are designed to increase social intelligence, develop leadership skills, enhance vocational understanding, and cultivate civic consciousness. Community service projects, conducting marketing research for area businesses, and operation of a school-based business are just a few examples of how DECA links practical application with the theories of marketing learned in the classroom.

Fall Leadership Conference (FLC)

The membership year’s first event is usually the annual Fall Leadership Conference. Chapter officers and members come together to enhance their leadership skills and knowledge. Key workshops include enhancing creativity, developing a program of work, teamwork, and motivating others.

Central Region Leadership Conference (CRLC)

Members from the thirteen states of the Central Region join together to further develop knowledge of marketing and leadership skills. Over 2,000 young people seize the opportunity to become more productive team members and to share innovative ideas, which work in their home communities.

State Career Development Conference (SCDC)

Nebraska DECA’s premier event is the annual state conference. Each participant competes in a career interest competitive event. Also available are individual and team project events. Over 200 businesspeople volunteer their time and expertise to judge the events. The excitement of state officer campaigns and elections, keynote speakers and multi-media presentations make this a highlight of most members’ high school careers.

International Career Development Conference (ICDC)

The top three winners in each competitive event category at SCDC travel to compete against the best and brightest from all 50 states, U.S. territories, and Canada. This is the opportunity for the top DECA members to prove they are number ONE in their event. Over 7,000 members, advisors, and businesspeople attend each year in exciting cities such as Anaheim and Orlando.