Please see Shelby Chopp or Colin Clare in the Main Office with any questions.

Club Sign-Up Day

Club sign-up day will be on Wednesday, September 8th during 5th period. Teachers will give them a jump code at the end of the announcements where they will be able to pick the club(s) of their choice.

Students have the option of attending the club meetings they are involved in three-four times each semester during the day on an Early Release PLC school day. On Club Day students will receive a pass for the class period in which their club meets and will be released to that club.

Students are allowed to sign up for a maximum of two clubs. Please complete this club opt-out form if you choose to opt your student out of clubs for this school year.

Please contact Mr. Clare if you have questions regarding clubs.

Club Day Schedule

The club will be held during the plan period of the sponsor. Students may sign up for a maximum of two clubs and must have a pass to go to the club.

Club Days 2021-22

  • September 28th
  • October 26th
  • November 30th
  • January 25th
  • February 22nd
  • March 29th
  • April 26th

Clubs for 2021-22

ClubLocation and Class PeriodSponsorRequirementsDescription
Anime ClubF2122ndDuncanNoneNoneWe are a fun loving group that likes to get together to watch a style of animation originating in Japan that is characterized by stark colorful graphics, vibrant characters and action-filled plots with fantastic or futuristic themes.
Book ClubMedia Center4thFriestNoneNoneIf you love books, especially those written for young adults, then you are already an honorary member of our LSE Book Club. Join us for some book fun while you share your love of reading with others! See you in the library ...
Business ClubE2067thThompson and TillinghastSee SponsorMust be enrolled in a business education course during the academic year.Business Club is a collaboration between the national business organizations, DECA and FBLA. Business Club will focus on preparing emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in all areas of business and technology. Students will be able to develop their leadership skills through service learning and competitive events.
Canada ClubD1197thDeambroseNoneNoneThis is a club where students will have the opportunity to familiarize with the Canadian culture and appreciate some of the things that the country north of the border has to offer.
Chess ClubF2068thHoldorfNoneNoneWhether you've never played chess before or you regularly play in tournaments, come to Chess Club! We play chess. That's it! It's a great place to either practice your skills, or just learn how the game works. Everyone is welcome to join!
Drama Club/Thespian Troupe 2106Auditorium8thLambley75 totalNoneWelcome to Drama Club! During club meetings, we will become more well versed in theatre knowledge, give updates to what is happening in the drama department, and grow as a community through fun games and activities. Outside of club days, we put on three shows a year and go to Thespian Festival in Omaha at the beginning of second semester! Hope to see you there!
Fellowship of Christian AthletesWrestling Room4thDellNoneNoneA club that allows student-athletes to see the world impacted by Jesus Christ through the influence of athletes and coaches. To present to athletes the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.
FCCLAD1348thWilcoxNoneNoneCareer and Technical Student Organization with a focus on family, career and community leadership. Opportunities include: local and national travel (Covid-19 permitting), volunteer work in the community, hear valuable messages from varying speakers regarding teen issues in today's world, meet people from other schools in Lincoln, Nebraska, and other states while attending leadership conferences.
Feminist ClubE2082ndHilbertNoneNoneFeminist club endeavors to do the following: create a space where students can come together to discuss what feminism means in their everyday lives, put LSE feminists in contact with local professionals and agencies that espouse and advocate feminist policies and practices, and grow students’ knowledge and application of feminism to enrich themselves and the LSE community.
German ClubF2285thBrowningNoneExcitement about all things TeutonicCome do crafts and activities to learn about German culture and music. Get ready for the spring German competitions.
Harry Potter ClubF2208thAllaire30 totalNoneHave you accepted your letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Once you've arrived by broomstick, you'll be sorted in your house, receive your first wand, learn about potions, defense against the dark arts, and even play Quidditch! Whether you're from a family of wizards or a muggle, everyone is invited to experience the wonderful world of magic through the Harry Potter Club!
HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America)D1318thStauffer30 TotalLocal, State, and National dues and interest in health careHOSA is a high school and post-secondary student organization for students interested in healthcare. We exist to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health science education students. Students attend regular meetings, local & regional competitions and participate in school and community activities.
Houseplant ClubF2296thDimonNoneNoneDo you love houseplants, or maybe you have always wanted to try but need a little guidance? This is the club for you. We will all start a houseplant at the first meeting, and we will talk about what plants we might want to try throughout the year. We will also make some interesting pots to house our plant friends. This club will "grow on you"! We will have 3rd lunch during those club days.
Key ClubF2098thWest, Baus-Herbin25Members must have paid $12 dues and done required volunteer hoursA student-led organization which provides members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership. This is a high school branch of the Kiwanis.
KnightVisionE212D5thNelsonNoneNoneLSE KnightVision is a live broadcast & videography club where students can be a part of a broadcast and/or be behind the scenes, while learning and developing skills in broadcast, edit, and produce live stream & video content of LSE varsity athletics. We meet once a month 4th period in E212D. If you love commentating, filming, or editing or just sports in general and want a chance to develop and display your talent, please contact Mrs. Nelson in the Media Center. Come be a part of our team.
Latino CaucusF2272ndSanchez ContrerasNoneNoneThis club supports Latino students at LSE and celebrates Latino culture. All are welcome! We will hang out and discuss Latino issues. Members will have access to tutoring, mentoring, community service support, and field trips.
LSE Multicultural Student ForumG1057thMoravecNoneNoneWe will provide a forum through which African American, Biracial, and Multiracial students can find a place where social and cultural expression can be maintained. We will also support students and provide time for sharing and celebrating.
Math ClubF202After School on FridaysHoldorfNoneNoneDo you like math? Either yes or no, that doesn't matter! Everyone is welcome in Math Club after school on Fridays until 5:00. We have snacks, play games, practice for math competitions (if you want to), and much more. We maintain a very casual environment where the goal is that everyone has fun. There's no obligation, so feel free to stop in whenever you'd like!
Native American CaucusC1197thKris RossNoneNoneNative American Caucus affirms the cultural heritage of Native American students by increasing knowledge and understanding of that heritage and current roles in society. Students meet to fellowship with one another, generating ways to strengthen their collective leadership and community at Southeast High School, while also practicing the skills necessary for a successful future after high school. Guest speakers are invited to share their knowledge involving college, careers, community involvement and cultural awareness. A variety of activities to help students become involved in showing their respect for their school and community are included.
Neature ClubG1153rdSchmitzNoneNoneNeature Club is a club for people who like to help their environment and make the world a greener place! We explore a variety of things, from gardening to waste management.
Science OlympiadG1037thHanson, Van WinkleNonePlease speak with club sponsor. Must be willing to attend contests.This LSE team competes at State level competitions against other top science students across the state. Students can win medals and academic letters and the top winning teams head to Nationals. Over 6000 teams nation-wide compete in areas of engineering, life, earth and physical sciences covering 23 different events. This program allows motivated science students an opportunity to develop, learn, and gain confidence and expertise in their areas of interest. This ultimately prepares you for the academic rigor of advanced placement, weighted science courses and ACT.
SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance)E2173rdFrankforter, HoltNoneNoneThis group provides a safe and supportive environment for LGBTQ students and their allies. The group’s goals include developing programming, offering education, and providing members with a safe social space. The club also intends to explore outreach opportunities to the LSE student body to help raise awareness of LGBT issues. If you want your voice to be heard, you want to show support for your LGBTQ peers, or you just need a place where you can be yourself, please join us.
Self-CareF2363rdAnthonyNoneNoneHigh School is a fast paced environment which is constantly moving, and if you don’t take time for yourself, you may find it overwhelming. Especially with a year of twists and turns it may have been hard to tackle. Well, the Self-Care Club may be able to help with that. This club isn’t about face masks and watching netflix which many people may associate with self care but rather it’s about helping you develop a healthy mental mindset. In every session, we will include new activities to assist you in decompressing. Even better, you’ll be able to use these techniques in your own life. It will be a safe place where you can come to catch a break from our fast-moving world while also making new connections within Southeast.
Sign Language ClubD1167thFoy and Lopez BettendorfNoneNoneWould you like to learn a new language? Sign Language Club is the perfect place for you! In our club, we will learn a new way of communicating using our hands.
Song Writing ClubF2102ndSegristNoneNoneA great song is no accident. Whether you are an accomplished instrumentalist, a beginning lyricist, or just interested in what makes for a great tune, Songwriting Club is the place for you. We will listen to and discuss great songs and learn how to write them ourselves. Please speak to Mr. Segrist if you're interested in Songwriting Club.
Southeast PalsD1145thMathers/GlauseNoneNoneSoutheast Pals promotes interaction, friendship, and social skills for students across all disability areas. The goal of the club is to provide a setting in which Southeast High School students can develop relationships with one another and celebrate the uniqueness of all individuals.
Star Wars ClubC1268thSvikNoneNoneStar Wars Club is a club where Star Wars fans can share their love for the complete saga.
Step ClubCommons8thMartinezNoneNoneAre you interested in Step Chain but not ready for the full-time commitment of trying out for the team? Well, this opportunity could be for you! Learn to step an/or further develop the skills you already have alongside the current team, create and learn choreography, and have the opportunity to perform for an audience!
Strategy Card ClubF2365thKarelNoneNoneStrategy Card Club is a fun, laid-back, and no-extra-thought-necessary club. Come with your decks of card games and play for 40 minutes. The games usually played Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon and Uno. This is Strategy Cards - No Video Games please!
Treble Acapella GroupM111Tuesdays after schoolNoonanNoneNoneTreble Acapella Singing Group
Ultimate ClubD1097thPeters, D.NoneNoneStudents will learn the fundamentals of ultimate frisbee, the sport of the future, and have the opportunity to play pick up games twice a week. All ability levels are welcome, from novice to expert.
United States History ClubD1112ndBeacomNoneThis club will watch and discuss movies that relate to history. It will also discuss current events with historical themes.
Young DemocratsF2192ndSejkoraNoneNoneWould you like to grow your political awareness? Do you like engaging in informed discussion? Would you like to better understand the political perspectives of your peers? If so, join Young Democrats! The club is a place for growing one's awareness of our current national and international climate, as well as engaging in lively political conversations.
Young RepublicansD1342ndSchlemmerNoneNoneWe are young leaders across America putting conservative principles into action. We are the future of the Republican Party and we are working to keep the American Dream alive by recruiting new young conservatives, training future leaders and electing Republican candidates.
Young LifeSouth Gym2ndSteve Doskey, Chris RajalaNoneNoneCome experience fun, friends and faith at Young Life club.
Young Life CapernaumCommons3rdSteve Doskey, Chris RajalaNoneNoneYoung Life student leadership is an opportunity for students to explore and grow in faith, leadership, and serving. We will be able to do so with our friends that have disabilities.
Knight YogaUpper Prasch5thYungeNoneMembers must bring a new pair of socks!Come learn yoga! Learn the history, philosophy, basic concepts, health benefits, and postures of yoga. It is a chance to slow down reduce stress and increase your flexibility and strength.