Community Upload for Yearbook

Community Upload is a way for you to help tell the story of Southeast students by submitting pictures of athletics and activities. If you have pictures of any athletic event or activity from the current school year we would like to consider them for possible publication in the LSE yearbook. Please follow the five simple steps below to submit your photos to the yearbook staff. Community Upload can be accessed and utilized at any time during the school year. This is a great way to be involved and the yearbook staff sincerely appreciates your contribution and support of athletics and activities here at LSE. 

Have a smart phone? Download "Yearbook Snap"! Yearbook Snap is the free app provided for Community Upload to create an easier and quicker way to submit photos of events and student life at LSE.

Please email Allyssa Allaire, at with questions. 


Community Upload Steps

 Community Upload


1. Log onto:, type in Lincoln Southeast and select our school

2. Click on the Community Upload link at the top of the page (blue letters on an orange arrow) and type in the access code: knights

3. Click on the Upload photo button and select your photo

4. Fill in all necessary information

        -Select the correct category in the drop down menu for your picture(s)

        -Under Add a note, please include the students in the picture from left to right, the grade(s) they are in, the event/opposing team and the outcome of the event/final score if applicable 

5. Submit pictures