Lincoln Public Schools Volunteers                

You can make a difference in the life of a student by serving in a broad variety of volunteer opportunities: reading to a child, shelving books in the media center, chaperoning field trips and much more. Each and every volunteer helps our students learn, grow and succeed.  We are grateful to you for sharing your valuable time with Lincoln Public Schools.


How to Get Started

Becoming a volunteer at Lincoln Public Schools is a simple process.

1. We have established several volunteer “levels” – based on contact with students and supervision by LPS staff. Please see below to determine which level applies to your volunteer interest.

2.   If you are interested in a Level 1 volunteer activity, simply contact the school where you would like to volunteer.  You are not required to fill out a volunteer form. (Examples may include but are not limited to: helping with a school mailing or helping in the media center shelving books.)

3.   If you are interested in a Level 2 or 3 volunteer activities, please fill out the volunteer form located on our volunteer webpage – https://lps.org/go/volunteer – making sure you fill out all the application fields completely and accurately.  The link is also located on the front page of the LPS website – lps.org – under Popular Pages.

You will be asked to give us basic information, as well as sign a Volunteer Code of Conduct and a Personal Disclosure. This information is necessary in our continuing effort to provide safety and security to our students and staff. (Examples for Level 2 volunteers may include but are not limited to room parent, classroom readers, field trips and chaperones at middle and high school levels where students will be supervised by an LPS employee. Examples for Level 3 volunteers may include but are not limited to parents chaperoning an overnight band trip.)

If possible, please list the specific activity and staff member that you will be volunteering with in the Other box in list under the Affiliation section. 

4. Once your volunteer application has been cleared and you are selected by your school’s principal, you are eligible for the entire school year.


Contact Crystal Folden, Associate Principal, at cfolden@lps.org or 402-436-1304 with questions.

Thank you so much.