Principal:  Mr. Brent Toalson 

Secretary:  Ms. Pat Monk

Mission/Goals/Vision, Administrative Team Meetings, Appeals for discipline, Articulation with other schools and LPSDO, Communications, Community Relations, Cultural Proficiency, Distinguished Alumni, Professional Development, Grievances, LPS Foundation, Meet with LEA Faculty Reps, Newsletters/Publications/Website, Prevention Coalition, PTSO, Advisory Groups, Staff Selection Procedures, School Calendar, Truancy Diversion Program


Associate Principal:  Mr. Robert Baltensperger   

Secretary: Ms. Sheena Christner

Students with last name starting with A-C, Budget, Purchasing, Master Schedule, Staffing, Department Chairs, Curriculum/State Reports, Independent Study, Registration, Dual Credits, Professional Growth, Student Teachers/Practicum Teachers/Student Observations, Substitute Teachers, Synergy/Technology/Printing, Time/Attendance (TAS), Foreign Exchange Students, Academic Center, Extra Standard - Academic, African American Students Liaison


Associate Principal:  Dr. Jeff Stoehr   

Secretary:  Ms. Kaydee Smith

Students with last name starting with Hj-Mc, Graduation, Mid-Term Graduates, 8th Grade Orientation, Wall of Honor, LSE Information Booklet, Knight Readiness Days, August Open House, New Teachers, NCAA, National Honor Society, CHOICE Forms, School Tours, School Profile, Student Surveys, Testing (ACT/AP/MAP/ELPA), Keys, Custodians/Facilities, African American Students Liaison


Associate Principal:  Mrs. Crystal Folden   

Secretary:  Ms. Nicole Martin

Students with last name starting with Sc-Z, School Improvement, Professional Learning Communities, Coaching, Attendance, Campus Supervisors/SEMs, Security - Emergency Plans/Drills/Security Cameras, Safety Committee, Volunteers/Visitors, Student IDs, Parking, Student Fines, Field Trips, Library/Media Center, Knight House, Knightly Success/ISS, Lunch Schedule, Latino Students Liaison


Educational Coordinator:  Mr. Colin Clare

Secretary:  Ms. Blanca Padilla

Students with last name starting with D-Hi, PBIS Tier 2, 504 & SAT Plans (grades 9-12), TeamMates Program, eLearning, Bryan Alternate School Liaison, Clubs, Activities, Extra Standard - Activities, Student Leadership Cadre, Asian Students Liaison

Educational Coordinator:  Mr. Jeremy Sevick

Secretary:  Ms. Blanca Padilla

Students with last name starting with Me-Sb, PBiS Tier 1, Restorative Practices, Committees & Commitments, Honors Convocation, Testing Accomodations, Concussion Management Team, 9th Grade Orientation, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Student Ambassador Program, Native American Students Liaison

Special Education Coordinator:  Ms. Heidi Moore

Secretary:  Mrs. Christie Flynn

Special Education students with last name starting with A-J, Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs), Multidisciplinary Teams (MDTs), Discipline, Staffing, Behavior Intervention, Non-Public School, Mid-term Graduates/Graduation, Bryan Alternate School Liaison, Summer School - ESY, PBIS Tier 3, Scheduling, Paras


Assistant Special Education Coordinator:  Mrs. Kelsie Banks

Secretary:  Mrs. Christie Flynn

Special Education students with last name starting with K-Z, Individualized Educational Plans (IEPs), Multidisciplinary Teams (MDTs), Discipline, Assistive Technology, Behavior Intervention, 9th Grade Special Education Registration, Special Education Transportation, Summer School - ESY,  MANDT Training, PBiS Tier 3, Scheduling

Director of Athletics and Activities:  Dr. J.J. Toczek   

Secretary: Mrs. Tami Friend

Program Development, Contest Scheduling/Contracts, Tournament Director, Contest Supervision, Budget - Purchasing, NSAA Compliance, Seasonal Meetings, Parent Concerns, Student Code of Conduct, End-Season Student Assessments, Booster Club, HOF Committee, Concessions, Staff Appraisals, Coach Appraisals, Event Staffing, Head Coach Interviews, SHIELD - Athletic Club, NSAA Student Advisory


Assistant Director of Athletics and Activities:  Ms. Kara Graham

Secretary:  Mrs. Tami Friend

Tournament Director, Officials - Contracts and Payments, Contest Supervision, Facilities - Maintenance, NSAA Eligibility - Athletics, Picture Day/Program, Digital Sign-Message Board, Awards Orders, SHIELD - Athletic Club, HOF Committee, Transportation, Assistant Coach Interviews, Athletic Academic Support Program, NCAA/NAIA Eligibility Athletic Office contact, Academic Interventions