Academic Excellence - Among peers, Lincoln Southeast High School has few equals, and probably none surpass this academic institution. This tradition of academic excellence was reaffirmed in 1986 when Southeast High School was recognized in the U.S. Department of Education's Secondary School Recognition Program as a School of Excellence.

Many factors contribute to this tradition-interested and talented students; knowledgeable, involved and supportive parents; dedicated, competent, inspirational and caring teachers; and a community that establishes lofty goals for public school students and teachers and provides the resources to accomplish them, to name but a few.

This tradition is verifiable among the many graduates who distinguish themselves in a variety of home and family responsibilities, occupational pursuits and service endeavors.

Athletic Excellence - Since opening in 1955, Southeast High School athletes and coaches have established preeminence in interscholastic athletic programs among public secondary schools fo the state. Individual athletes and teams have won numerous city, conference, district and state championships. Many athletes and coaches have received recognition for their individual accomplishments.

Of the many medals, trophies and plaques received, none is more symbolic of this preeminent status than those which designate LSE High School as the boys Class A All-Sports Champion and Girls Class A All-Sports Champion. In addition, LSE has been Combined Boys and Girls Class A All-Sports Champions 21 times, and the school has won the award 14 out of the past 21 years.