The school colors are black and gold and the black and gold "S" has been the basic school emblem throughout the school's history. In 1955, the LSE shield was designed and became the official emblem of the school. Approval of a standard shield for Southeast was given by the student council on Tuesday, November 1, 1955.

The design was selected from 10 shields which had been submitted by the student body. Rich Garlinghouse, John Koenig and Tom Laging submitted the winning shield.

The shield is the official emblem of the student council. Other school organizations may use the emblem if they desire. The standard shield consists of a knight's helmet above it and a scroll below it.

The shield is divided into four sections with the upper left and lower right sections carrying the initials "S" and "E". The upper right section has six owls which represented the six classes in Southeast Junior-Senior High School. The lower left section contains a sword which represents the knight's power, strength and unity.

A motto or slogan may be placed in the scroll depending upon the organization using it. Along with approving the standard shield, the student council also decided to use the initial "LSE" in their official business when referring to Southeast.

Official Mascot

The official mascot of Lincoln Southeast High School is the KNIGHT. This mascot was chosen for the strength and bravery it represented.

In order to generate more school spirit, John Gradwohl '80, conceived the idea of an armored Knight mascot. During the 1978-79 school year, he researched information on armor, stage costumes and medieval garb. In the summer of 1979, the school purchased a suit of gold-colored, plastic, stage armor. The knight mascot has become a familiar figure at pep rallys and sports contests ever since.

The mascot's suit has evolved in the past 25 years.