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Wishes 'n Waffles

Wishes 'n Waffles - The LSE Student Council helped make wishes come true!


On February 21st Lincoln Southeast’s Student Council hosted their first ever “Wishes n Waffles” event, an unlimited waffle feed for the Nebraska chapter of the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Make-a-Wish is a non-profit organization to help children with critical illnesses create a life changing wish for them. There have been over tens of thousand wishes made with them and it has been supported by celebrities as well, including (but not limited too) the late Kobe Bryant, who helped grant over 2,000 wishes.

Wishes n Waffles originated from last year’s event, “Chicken n Waffles,” planned by Student Council’s Madi Greene and Jianna Bond. This year the Student Council wanted to have more of an impact for those who could use a wish in their life and wanted to do more for their State Student Council charity, Make-a-Wish. The Student Council’s goal was to raise $1,000 for Make a Wish.

With a steady stream of people throughout the night, the Student Council accomplished their goal of making this a successful event by raising well over the $1000 goal!