LSE Kindness Week

LSE Kindness Week

Contributed by LSE StuCo member Madi Green

This past month Student Council organized Kindness Week October 21-25th. 

Kindness Week is dedicated to sharing kindness within the school in hopes that we remember to be kind at all times. During the week, Student Council hung up positive messages on every locker in Southeast Monday morning, sold t-shirts designed by Kolton Ryba, and started a chain of random acts of kindness to display in the cafeteria.  Students wrote acts of kindness they were the recipient of and/or acts of kindness they did for someone. These became links in a chain displayed in the Commons. Students who created a link were given a “It’s Cool to be Kind” bracelet supplied by the Kindness Revolution, Lincoln headquarters at the State Farm South 70th location. A Banner, “Be the ‘I’ in KIND”  was hung outside the office where students could take their picture being the ‘I’. Staff were also given a snack with a positive message to show our school’s appreciation. To kick off the week, staff wore LSE shirts, lined C hall to create a tunnel walk for the students, greeting them and giving them encouragement for the week. Staff & students were very involved in spreading kindness throughout the week and ultimately throughout the rest of the school year. 

“In a world where you can be anything, be kind”  - Jennifer Dukes Lee


To kick off the start of Kindness Week, LSE staff gathered in C hallway and created a "tunnel walk" experience for students with greetings, high fives, etc. and EVERY student locker had a message of positivity and kindness.






DeMoine Adams was at LSE Knight House and talked about kindness and heart over hype.



Kindness week t-shirt

designed by Kolton Ryba



Be the I in KIND!




Kindness Chain