Important Parking Policy Change

Hello, Lincoln Southeast Families!

We want to take this opportunity to inform our families of an important change in our parking policy that will become effective at the beginning of 2nd semester (January 2019). Specifically, our School Resource Officer can no longer look up the owner of a vehicle based only on license plate as this is a violation of statute in the state of Nebraska.  As a result, we cannot issue parking fines to students anymore because we are unable to know the student name, vehicle owner, etc.  In order to enforce permit parking in student Lot A and in our Staff Lot, we have been given permission by district administration to tow vehicles without parking permits. 

Effective January 2019 - Consequences for violating the LSE parking policies:

1. On a 1st violation, a written warning will be placed under the windshield wiper of the vehicle in violation. This written notice will serve as the only warning to the vehicle’s driver. The vehicle license plate # will be recorded in the LSE Main Office. Unfortunately, we will not have the ability to notify the owner of the vehicle in violation, because we can no longer look up the owner information for a vehicle.  

2. On a 2nd violation, the violating vehicle will be towed from the LSE parking lot, at vehicle owner’s expense.

Over the winter break, district officials will install new signage, informing of this parking policy change. Signage will be posted in our student A Lot and our Staff Lot. The signs will state “Permit Parking Only. Unauthorized vehicles will towed at vehicle owner's expense. Towing enforced on school days from 7 am - 3 pm. Please contact Capital Towing, 402-475-7676, for information regarding towed vehicles.  The cost to retrieve a vehicle from the impound lot at Capital Towing ranges from $110 to $140.

We are finding vehicles parked in C Lot that are not in designated stalls and it’s creating an unsafe parking environment in C Lot. While a permit is not required to park in C Lot, there is posted signage informing students to park in designated stalls only. As with our A Lot policy, a 2nd violation in C Lot will also result in vehicle being towed at owner’s expense.  

 General Reminders for C Lot:

    1. Park in designated stalls only
    2. No parking in yellow, diagonal line areas
    3. No parking at the ends of rows
    4. No parking along the red emergency curb
    5. Right hand turn only when exiting the lot
    6. No parking on the grass

Our number one goal is to provide a safe, orderly and positive parking experience for all of our students. A few general reminders for all parking lots at LSE are:

  1. Drive at a slow rate of speed.
  2. Be mindful of pedestrians walking through parking lots.
  3. Obey all posted signage.
  4. Only right hand turns are permitted when exiting our student A Lot and C Lot.
  5. No student drop off or pickup in the Staff Lot.
  6. Do not park in non-designated parking areas.

You can help us with this situation by supporting this parking policy and all consequences for violating our parking policies.  Please talk with your student about these expectations, letting them know that you expect them to comply with this new policy.

Please call our school office at 402-436-1304 with questions you may have about this policy.  Thank you, in advance, for your support of this policy and partnering with LSE staff, as we strive to provide a safe and orderly parking experience for our students.

Thanks for your support,

LSE Administration