Athletic/Activity Moratorium

Dear LSE Parents/Guardians and Student-Athletes:

Several years ago our governing organization, The Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA), established a five-day athletic/activity moratorium for all member schools in the state.

This moratorium is scheduled over the winter break each year with the intention of giving families and students a release from their activity obligations, allowing time they can spend together. This year the five-day practice/competition moratorium is scheduled for December 22 through December 26, 2018

We take this moratorium very seriously and have since the day it went into effect. This information is being given to you to make you aware of the moratorium and our stance as a school district. We are asking parent and guardian help in enforcing this moratorium with your daughters and sons.

During this period we lock down all of our athletic facilities. NO ONE should have access to any Lincoln Public School gyms or weight rooms. Coaches are NOT allowed to work with students during this time. We also feel it is not appropriate for other LPS staff members, including volunteer coaches, to conduct practice or conditioning sessions in other community facilities. It is also NOT appropriate for team captains to arrange practices, scrimmages, or suggest “volunteer” workouts during this period.

We cannot restrict your children from working out during the five-day break as that is their personal choice. However, we would appreciate your help in monitoring their activities to make sure we are not violating this NSAA policy. Violations make the school subject to forfeiting contests or other appropriate sanctions. We WILL self-report violations to the NSAA. 

If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact your building Athletic Director. Thank you very much for helping us enforce this important winter break moratorium. 

Lincoln Public Schools Athletic Department Offices