Hack K-State Hackathon Competition

Hack K-State Hackathon Competition 

Math & Computer Programming teacher, Alan Holdorf, took 17 students to Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS for a weekend of coding and fun November 3-5, 2017! The students had to create something (it’s THAT specific!) in a 37-hour span of time beginning 9:00 p.m. on Friday with submissions due at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday. They worked throughout the nights falling asleep whenever they needed to. 

Despite the very broad objective, they also had several more focused categories to focus on. Judges determined the top 10 overall products from all of the submissions including mobile apps, computer apps, Web sites, games, etc. Then there were additional prizes under specific categories for each “genre” which included Best Mobile App, Best Game, and others relating to data analysis, among others. 

One of the LSE groups won 9th place overall for making a computer game involving defending your tower from attacking enemies by controlling a knight with a sword. 

The other LSE groups worked on:

Throughout the event students were able to learn about different technologies from help sessions offered and were able to check out technology such as the Vive and Occulus Rift goggles to experiment with. Aside from the work itself, there was also a viewing of the League of Legends World Championship, a Cup Stacking competition, and a Rocket League tournament, of which one of our teams won first place! They also got fun swag like water bottles, stickers, and frisbees from the hackathon sponsors. 

It was definitely a fun and unique experience for the kids and they learned a lot!

The whole group together

9th Place overall team

Rocket League tournament champs

Testing out the VR Checkers on HTC Vive

The intense working environment