LSE ACT Prep Sessions

LSE ACT Prep Sessions

Get yourself ready for the ACT! LSE Counselors are offering you the opportunity to prep for the October 2017 ACT test. LSE teachers will teach the following sessions. Cost is $10.00 (if you qualify for free/reduced lunch, the fee can be waived... talk with your counselor). Pay your money to the LSE Bookkeeper and then bring your receipt to the LSE Counseling Center to pre-register for the prep classes. See your counselor with questions. 

Each class is from 3:05-4:15 p.m.

Room Assignments:

Math - F209 Roeber Schoening

Science - G103 Van Winkle

English - F220 Allaire

Reading - F233 Anthony


Choose one session each date:

Wednesday, September 20th          Math OR Reading

Thursday, September 21st              Science OR English

Wednesday, September 27th          Math OR Reading

Thursday, September 28                 Science OR English

Wednesday, October 4th                Math OR Reading

Thursday, October 5th                    Science OR English

Wednesday, October 11th              Math OR Reading

Thursday, October 12th                  Science OR English