Student Cell Phone Use - Reminders from LSE

Student Cell Phone Use - Reminders from LSE

Hello Lincoln Southeast Families!

We want to take this opportunity to remind parents and guardians about our rules and regulations for cell phones at Southeast High School. (See below). Most specifically, student’s electronic devices will be turned in to the main office and a 50-minute detention will need to be served, if students are using their electronic device during instructional time, without permission from their classroom teacher. During instructional time, students should also not be using or have their cell phone visible while in the hallways. Students will be asked to comply with an individualized cell phone plan if they have repeated issues with cell phone use during instructional time.    


Cell phones and other electronic devices (iPods, iTouches, and other non-LPS electronic devices) are valuable and important communication devices in today’s world. However, the use of cell phones during the class period can distract from the learning process. Cell phones are to be off (not on vibrate) and out of sight during class periods (bell to bell) unless the use is related to instruction as directed by the classroom teacher. Students may use cell phones before school, at lunch, during passing periods and after school. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action including confiscation of the phone.

Consequences for possession/use of prohibited devices in classrooms or other determined locations:

1. Immediate confiscation of device by staff member. Failure to comply with this request will be considered a violation of LPS Responsibilities of Students, II. A: Willfully disobeying any reasonable written or oral request of a staff member, or the voicing of disrespect to those in authority.

2. For first offense, students will serve a 50-minute detention first, and then can pick up their device in the main office.

3. For second offense, student will be assigned a 50-minute detention by the administration and the school administration will return the device to the parent/legal guardian.

4. For third offense, student will be out-of-school suspended until student-parent-administrator conference is held at school. The school administration will return the device to the parent/legal guardian.

It is a violation of student conduct rules to record the image or voice of another person with an electronic device, without the express permission of the person recorded, while on school grounds, at a school activity or in a school vehicle.

It will be a further violation of student conduct rules to fail to promptly delete such a recording following the request of the person recorded. Students who engage in such recording or who fail to delete the recording on request may be subject to disciplinary action including, but not limited to, suspension or expulsion from school.

You can help us with this situation by supporting our cell phone policy and all consequences for violating our cell phone expectations.  Please talk with your student about these expectations, letting them know that you expect them to comply with our requests.  Please also contact our school office with any messages you need to give your student during the instructional day.  We will be happy to properly pass these messages along to your student. This will help them to avoid using their cell phones during instructional time. 

Please call our school office at 402-436-1304 with questions you may have about this policy.  Thank you, in advance, for your support of this policy and partnering with LSE staff, as we strive to provide your student with the highest quality learning environment possible.