Freshman Newsletter

LSE Counseling Freshman Parent Newsletter
September 2018


To keep up to date on what is happening for freshmen this year, click on the links below:

LSE Counselors stay with students throughout their 4 years of high school and work with students on academic planning, social/emotional issues, and college/career planning.

Freshman Timeline-important dates and what is coming up for freshmen.

LSE Counselors meet with freshmen 3 times during the fall to discuss the following:

1)  9th Grade Counts - grades earned during freshman year are 1/3 of what colleges will see when applying.
2)  4-yr Plan - How will I meet graduation requirements and college admission requirements?
3)  Transcript - What is it and who sees it?
4)  Academic Honors
5)  Pass/Fail - Students may choose an alternate grading scale (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) to continue in a difficult class. Paperwork and deadlines are involved-please read this helpful information.
6)  Finals - this exam schedule will allow students to focus their attention on two or three instructional areas per day.
7)  Life Beyond High School
    7a) Sign up for Countdown2College through EducationQuest Foundation! Countdown2College is a monthly interactive newsletter that helps students begin thinking about life after high school and the options available to them.

    7b) Options for after high school-click here for resources to search for 2 year & 4 year colleges/universities, vocational/technical programs, military information-including academies and ROTC, and information on electrical apprenticeships.

    7c) Lincoln Area College Fair-hosted at Southeast Community College on Sunday, September 16th from 1:00-3:00 p.m. A college fair is a great opportunity to gather information from a large number of colleges at one event. Before attending the College Fair, register for a barcode at to streamline your college fair experience! More information about the Lincoln Area 

     7d)  The Career Academy (TCA) is a partnership between Lincoln Public Schools and Southeast Community College. LPS students can explore their specific interest in any one of 16 different career pathways. For additional information on The Career Academy, please go to the TCA website: Students are eligible to apply sophomore year.

The LSE College Access Grant provides funding for college visits as well as college access programs.  For more information on how the LSE College Access Grant can serve your student, please click here.

Resources for struggling students:

     And always, always, encourage your student to see their classroom teacher after school or before school for additional help!

Your freshman may be experiencing some of these High School “Firsts”:

Stay connected to other LSE parents through the PTSO.  The Southeast Parent Teacher-Student Organization provides a forum for parents where they can show support for, and become involved and informed in, the school experience of their students.

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