Girls - Monday, June 1st - Thursday, July 30th
Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays (Grades 9-12)
Conditioning: 8:45 AM-9:45 AM and Strength Training/Open Gym: 10:00 AM-12:00 PM
(Basketball Open Gym will be on Tuesdays and Volleyball Open Gym will be on Thursdays)


Boys - Monday, June 1st thru Friday, July 31st
Monday:  7 AM-10 AM (Grades 10-12)  1-2:15 PM (Grade 9)
Tuesday:  7 AM-10 AM (Grades 10-12)  1-2:15 PM (Grade 9)
Wednesday:  7 AM-10 AM (All Grades)  ***This is a make-up day***
Thursday:  7 AM-10 AM (Grades 10-12)  1-2:15 PM (Grade 9)
Friday:  7 AM-10 AM (Grades 10-12)  1-2:15 PM (Grade 9)


NCAA College Bound Presentation

Tthe NCAA Informational Meeting for LPS student-athletes and their families was held on November 10th. If you missed this meeting or would like the information presented at this meeting, you can access it here. Click here for the NCAA Presentation Handout. Click here for the LPS NCAA Presentation powerpoint.


Congrats to the LSE 2014 LJS Prep Sports Awards nominees and winners:

LSE Pep Band- LJS Best Pep Band Winner
Luke Gifford- LJS Prep Boys Athlete of the Year Winner, Best Male Basketball Athlete Winner, & Prep Football Athlete of the Year Nominee
Jerald Foster- LJS Prep Football Athlete of the Year Winner
Clayton Peterson- LJS Prep Best Male Prep Golf Athlete Winner
Megan May- LJS Prep Softball Athlete of the Year Winner
Erin Lockhart- LJS Prep Softball Athlete of the Year Nominee
BJ Day -LJS Prep Best Male Basketball Athlete Nominee
Danny Clare- LJS Prep Best Male Tennis Athlete Nominee
Ben Termaat- LJS Prep Best Male Tennis Athlete Nominee
Maddie Eckstrom- LJS Prep Best Female Tennis Athlete Nominee
Nicole Legler- LJS Prep Best Female Tennis Athlete Nominee
LSE Cheer- Best Cheer Squad Nominee
LSE Shirettes- Best Dance Team Nominee
LSE Fans (including DFA)- Best Fans Nominee
Wally the Knight- Best Mascot Nominee


(Pictured below:  BJ Day, Jerald Foster, Luke Gifford, Clayton Peterson, & Danny Clare)



Congratulations LSE Boys Golf Team for finishing Runner-Up (2nd Place) at 2014 State Golf!



Congratulations to student athlete Brooke Lattimer, Class of 2014 and former student athlete, Mimi Kuebler, Class of 1969. Go Lady Knights!

Congratulations to LSE senior, Brooke Lattimer - KFOR Sportscasters Club Scholarship winner! We are proud of you Brooke!



Lincoln Southeast High School

***Fall and Winter Sports Results***

The “Tradition of Excellence” Continues…


Boys Cross Country = State Qualifier

Girls Cross Country = State Qualifier

Girls Golf = HAC Runner-Up, District Champion and State Qualifier

Softball = District Finalist

Boys Tennis = State Qualifier

Volleyball = HAC Champion, District Champion, State Qualifier and Final Four Participant



Boys Basketball = District Runner-Up

Boys Swimming & Diving = HAC Runner-Up and State Qualifier

Girls Swimming & Diving = State Qualifier

Wrestling = State Qualifier


Congratulations to our athletes and coaches and good luck to everyone during the 2015 Spring Sports Season!  Go KNIGHTS!!!


Tradition of Excellence

Southeast has 126 Nebraska School Activities Association state championships, more than any school of any class in the state! Southeast has also won 21 World Herald all-sports championships, and was recognized by the Nebraska High School Sports Hall of Fame as the Athletic Program of the Decade, 1990-1999. The hallways of our Prasch Gym are lined with trophies and they also display photographs of both team and individual success on the “Wall of Honor.”


Lincoln Southeast Athletic Program Philosophy…

The Lincoln Southeast Athletic Program believes in the tremendous value that athletics have on the development of young people.  We believe that athletics are a wonderful opportunity for young people to stretch their physical and mental capabilities.  Our focus is to provide a safe and nurturing learning environment that allows our student athletes to improve not only in their performance and physical skills, but more importantly, improve as people, developing life skills.  Our goal is to pursue excellence by motivating students to do their best.  We encourage student athletes to become involved in multiple sports to gain the benefits that each can provide and contribute to the long standing “Tradition of Excellence” in athletics that has been established at Lincoln Southeast.


Lincoln Southeast Athletic Program Pillars of Success…

As an extension of the classroom for our students, the Lincoln Southeast Athletic Program focuses on the following Pillars of Success to enable our “Tradition of Excellence” to continue…


EFFORT         LEADERSHIP           TEAMWORK            TEAM UNITY



Lincoln Southeast Athletics are...





Therefore, we expect the utmost from all of our student athletes.  Lincoln Southeast coaches are here to dedicate their time and talents to attend camps, clinics and classes to learn the most current techniques and strategies.  They are teachers of their sport first.  As student athletes, your physical, mental and emotional abilities are important.  We must work to always improve our skills as individuals and as a team.  The more effort and enthusiasm we put into our program, the more we will all receive.  Remember, NOTHING GOOD EVER CAME EASY.


Pillars of Success

 WE believe in EFFORT and LEADERSHIP.  Anything worthwhile can only be achieved with enthusiasm and effort.  Our success depends largely upon the effort players are willing to exhibit everyday and upon the effort coaches are putting in preparing for every practice and every game.  Leadership is the demonstration of effort at the highest level.  Some leaders are verbal and some are silent.  Some leaders are older and some are younger.  Be a leader in the classroom, on the field and on the court by setting your goals high and diligently working toward them.  Coaches, players and their families are all role models for our future KNIGHTS.

WE believe in TEAMWORK.  Within a team there are no stars, only roles, with each role significant to the success of the team.  Selfishness will not be tolerated and playing time is NON-NEGOTIABLE.  Please do not measure a student athlete’s self worth by their playing time.  The ultimate goal of a team is reaching the point where the whole is greater than the parts and we elevate our play to an exemplary level.

WE believe in TEAM UNITY.  The players must trust their coaches to do what is best for the team.  The coaches must trust their players to fulfill their responsibilities.  We can build trust by telling the truth.  It is important that players trust each other as they work toward their common goals.  Team Unity is the backbone of the Lincoln Southeast Athletic Program.

WE believe in DISCIPLINE.  Discipline means making us do the tough things and sacrifice is sometimes a part of discipline.  Staying focused to perform like we have been taught, concentrating on our goals and on the game plan, even through tough times, exhibits discipline as a team.  The better disciplined we are, the better competitors we will be.  Each of us needs to be disciplined in the classroom, on the field, on the court as well as in our daily lives in order for the Lincoln Southeast Athletic Program to be successful.

WE believe in COMPETITION.  Competition will take place within a team as players compete for positions and playing time.  Competition will test us against the best teams in the state.  Tough competition makes us better.  Whatever recognition we receive, whether as individuals or as a team, are legitimate ONLY if it is earned through competition.  Talk is cheap.  Actions speak louder than words.

WE believe in SPORTSMANSHIP.  If athletics are to achieve their goal of producing better citizens, then certain behaviors must be emphasized while others must be discouraged.  Cooperation, respectfulness and emotional control are vital.  Complaining, whining and excuses will not be tolerated.  Since a player's behavior reflects not only on themselves and on their family, but also on the program, the school and the Lincoln Southeast Community as a whole, we must be certain that we leave a positive impression.  Our fans and opponents, who come in contact with our program, must view us as a CLASS ACT.  Behaviors before and after a competition are also very important.

These expectations are for everyone involved in the Lincoln Southeast Athletic Program.  We are proud of our program and are excited to have you as part of our “Tradition of Excellence.”  Have a GREAT season.


-The Lincoln Southeast Coaches and Athletic Department Administration and Staff





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