Chromebook Check-in Information

Chromebook Check-in Information

Dear LSE Parents and Guardians,

All students will be turning in their Chromebooks at the end of the school year during final exams week. Chromebook check-in will take place in the south gym. To avoid long lines, students can turn in their device anytime during the week of final exams. Students who do not need their Chromebooks for final exams can check them in early in the media center.

Students who do not check-in their Chromebook and bag will be assessed a fee for the replacement cost of the device and bag.

Before school is out, students will be asked to report damage to their Chromebook and bag. If necessary, repair is ordered, corresponding fees will be assessed, and families will be notified. This will take place on Tuesday, May 16 in 6th period classes. Please remind your student to bring their Chromebook, bag and charger cord to school on May 16.

In the summer, Computing Services staff plans to evaluate ALL Chromebooks and bags. If necessary, other fees will be assessed and families will be notified. Families will be informed when and if fees are assessed.

Thank you for your cooperation with the Chromebook check-in process. This process will ensure that when students return to school in August, they will receive a Chromebook that works well and is ready for use as a core resource in our classrooms.